Markets: Selling Stone

GfK market analysis: in 2018, Europeans had around €355 more per person for spending compared to the year before

Among the 42 studied countries Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and Iceland had the highest average purchasing power

Circular Economy is gaining momentum and will play an ever greater role in Europe’s economy of the future

Cosentino Group of Spain, producers of Silestone and Dekton, are poised to face the challenge

As of 2020 costs for oversea freight transportation of natural stone could go up

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has established that the maximum sulfur content in fuel must be reduced sharply

Lundhs of Norway now has designer objects in limited editions for sale

But first and foremost, it’s all about merchandising and promotion of the company’s stone

Dr. Carlo Montani predicts sustained growth for the stone branch until 2025

His criticism: too much waste and too little marketing / Montani recommends propagation of natural stone as a symbol of peace

Belgium goes into the second round with its „Local Stone Ambassadors“

Architects and artists alike are taking an active role in campaigns launched by the Natural Stone Trade Organization and are gaining in popularity

Euroroc’s two new presidents: „Communication and collaboration are the key issues”

Stijn Renier and Kristof Callebaut from Belgium share their presidency for the term from 2018 to 2020

Centre d’Interprétation de la Pierre (center for interpretation of natural stone) in Sprimont, Belgium

In a defunct power station formerly supplying quarries with energy, public relations work is being carried out for local stone

Over 100 Articles Available on Use Natural Stone Website

Promotion tool for the sector: Stone companies are encouraged to share texts and photos with clients and employees

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