Markets: Selling Stone

Eastbound – Westbound: Container trains now operate according to regular schedules between China and Europe

The railway could also play an important role for the natural stone trade along the new Silk Road (One Belt, One Road)

Peter’s Corner: what Covid-19 means for the natural stone industry and how it can adapt to it

Peter Becker, editor-in-chief of, highlights different aspects of the construction industry in times of pandemic

Summer heat in the city – light granite as road surface can help to keep the temperatures bearable

Not only the high albedo of the material can keep the microclimate within limits, but also an installation that promotes rainwater seepage

China, US and EU are the largest economies in the world

Eurostat has released the 2017 results of the International Comparison Program

Italian Biesse Group has published the 3. edition of its Sustainability Report

The document gives an overview of the company’s economic, social, and environmental performance in 2019

In the BioProMarL project, researchers hope to give the stone surfaces new properties, modelled on the lotus effect

Experts from the Levantina company and laser scientists from Spain use laser technology to reduce dirt adhesion and improve skid resistance

Turkey’s stone exports in 2019 were again down on the previous year (-2.32%), but the share of end products in the total balance increased (+3.34%)

The country has opened important markets in the Middle East and is well on the way to becoming one of the leading players in the states of the former Soviet Union

Learning from Covid-19: the home is more important than ever, and beautiful materials for its design also are

Italian Ceramiche Caesar sees “new domesticity taking shape” after Corona and its lockdown and quarantine

Webinar of the Natural Stone Institute (NSI): “How the Stone Industry is reacting to Covid-19”

Three heads of large companies in the US reported on their strategies and how they use internal and external communication, for example

Italy’s natural stone industry officially comes out of the shutdown on May 04, 2020

Many companies had already been back in business for a week and completed interrupted orders / Follow-up projects have been postponed or canceled altogether

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