Markets: Selling Stone

2021 was a “Golden Year“ for the Turkish natural stone sector

The country achieved an increase of +20.54% in exports by value compared to the previous year, and compared to 2019, the last normal year before the pandemic, as much as +13%

The EU Commission has sent Protected Geographical Indications (GI) also for natural stone on the way to legislation

Following the decision of the Brussels Parliament and Council, misleading stone names will be prohibited on the Community markets in the future

Three prizes of €20,000 each offered for “New ideas for Carrara and its marble“

The Carrara 2030 initiative of 9 companies from the Apuan Alps wants to promote the local stones as a material for an ecological future

In the virtual showrooms of the second generation, the possibilities of augmented reality will also play a role in the sale of natural stone in the future

The Turkish company Alimoğlu presented the prototype of its “Metaverse“ at the Marble Izmir 2022 trade fair

Cosentino promotes its new Silestone as groundbreaking in sustainability: “Changing the world from the kitchen“

The campaign addresses young people and their parents using the phrasing of Fridays for Future

Swedes have a soft spot for kitchen countertops made of natural stone and also for exotic types of stone

Surveys by the national stone association show a high level of ecological awareness among consumers and great interest in natural materials

A future competitor for natural stone facade panels: German researchers create solar cells with marble look

Inkjet printing on Perovskite cells can achieve good efficiencies even on façades in awkward places

In addition to rising energy costs, Italy’s ceramics industry is now also facing a shortage of clay raw material

A memorandum from the association Confindustria Ceramica outlines that the industry is very concerned about losing customers to other materials

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