Markets: Selling Stone

Blockchain ante portas: new transparency for the natural stone market

A digital system can reveal complete traceability of the origin and production-site of every stone product

Global Countertop Market: „Engineered quartz is forecasted to increase its share, partly at the expense of granite“

Freedonia Research Group has published a new study which sees the demand to reach 540 million m² in 2023

Nature in the quarry: the Eurasian Eagle-Owl (Budo budo) feel undisturbed by all the noise of heavy machinery in the quarry

Oetelshofen Limestone Quarry, Germany, regards the endangered giant owl, which chose the quarry as its home, as „a popular figure“

Architects pinpoint the weak spots of natural stone: price and ease of cleaning

German Natural Stone Association DNV conducted a market analysis of marble, granite, and other popular types of stone

Shortfall in new homes is keeping the pressure on house prices and rents

„2019 State of the Nation’s Housing Report“ by Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies

Stonetica takes old ideas for use of marble remnants one step further

Laminated slabs can be used by architects in construction projects to obtain optimal sustainability results

Japanese Nikkei Asian Review: deliveries to the US relabeled in Vietnam

US-President Donald Trump’s tariffs cause complex chain reactions in the world economy and are not his „easy to win trade war“

Project „Life in Quarries“: give endangered species living space in active quarries

Providing living space for flora and fauna next to active quarry areas can be achieved with little or no effort

„One Million Grams of Granite“: Austrian stonemasons busy themselves with artistic inspiration for one ton of local stone

The finished works are on display at Upper Austria’s Landscape and Gardening Show

GfK market analysis: EU newcomers have significant increases in per capita purchasing power

But the distance to the average of the countries in the West is still big