Markets: Selling Stone

Markets: India allows an increase in imports of raw blocks

(November 2011) Government decrees loosening of restrictions, which could allow a growth of the stone industry

Markets: A glance at furnishing and design magazines

(November 2011) The World Natural Stone Association (Wonasa) agreed its marketing campaign

Markets: Simplifying trade with Turkey

(October 2011) Since August UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) rules trade on the Bosporus

Markets: Pre-sale return guarantee

(October 2011) Can natural stone be recycled? Of course! as every child will tell you. But this is a subject never broached in discussions

Markets: Considerably higher returns despite decrease in tonnage

(October 2011) Strong growth in Italy’s marble-value-added exports / From January till May 2011-10-02

Markets: Competition for Carrara’s White

(September 2011) Afghanistan undertakes steps to market its marble reserves world-wide

Markets: „Hug-a-day“ from home

(September 2011) In many parts of the world the population is ageing. The demographic shift entails less private building but on the other hand new opportunities for natural stone in interior design and product design

Markets: Warning shot for China’s ceramic industry

(August 2011) EU-Commission imposes limited import duty as a preliminary measure

Markets: Back to Growth

(May 2011) Turkish and Italian stone industries register an increase in exports for 2010

Markets: „Our aim is not merely to produce raw material: we are interested in manufacturing the value-added product“

(April 2011) Interview with Zou Chuansheng, President of the China Stone Material Association

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