Markets: Selling Stone

Markets: Providing a tangible advantage for trade organizations’ members

(December 2012) Garis Distelhorst, chief of the Marble Institute of America (MIA), who successfully transposed winning industrial models to the stone branch, is soon to retire

Markets: World-wide demand for natural stone on the rise

(December 2012) Dr. Carlo Montani predicts a potential increase in demand for natural stone by Newly Industrializing Countries

Markets: ideas for new products made of stone

(November 2012) Peter Becker from will lecture about „What the stone can and what it can’t“ at an open seminar in Lappeenranta, Finland at November, 15th

Markets: Marble for the miniature battlefield

(September 2012) France‘s Bibracte Museum uses natural stone for miniature models of battle sites dating back to the Caesarian war against the Gauls

Markets: Traction for extreme-sport athletes

(August 2012) French-based company supports bicycle and motorbike competitions in the mountains with granite trophies

Markets: Recycling must be the prominent topic

(August 2012) What consumers want to know about sustainability / British Natural Stone Sustainability Award as a role-model for PR-strategies

Markets: Russia an up-and-coming import market, China a super-power

(July 2012) The IMM Carrara statistical yearbook takes a glance at the near and distant future of the stone branch

Markets: going from strength to strength in turbulent times

(Mai 2012) In 2011, Italy’s stone industry reached a plus mainly in exporty of finished products / India most important supplier

Markets: ‚Green’ production is the main topic

(April 2012) Interview with Zou Chuansheng, President of the China Stone Material Association

Markets: Spanish know-how for Tashkent

(April 2012) Marble Ortega Stone and the Andalusia School of Marble are providing aid in setting up a modern stone industry in Uzbekistan

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