Markets: Selling Stone

Markets: Finding an active quarry at the click of the mouse

(February 2012) German publisher Abraxas-Verlag has created an international and interactive database freely accessible via internet

Markets: „Thriving demand“ in Sambalândia

(February 2012) Brazil’s natural stone market is currently experiencing a bull market

Markets: „Good news also for the stone branch“

(January 2012) With Russia’s joining the World Trade Organization WTO an enormous market is about to open

Markets: Setting the do’s and don’ts for the stone branch

(December 2011) In the USA standards for sustainability in stone production and processing are currently being defined

Markets: India allows an increase in imports of raw blocks

(November 2011) Government decrees loosening of restrictions, which could allow a growth of the stone industry

Markets: A glance at furnishing and design magazines

(November 2011) The World Natural Stone Association (Wonasa) agreed its marketing campaign

Markets: Simplifying trade with Turkey

(October 2011) Since August UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) rules trade on the Bosporus

Markets: Pre-sale return guarantee

(October 2011) Can natural stone be recycled? Of course! as every child will tell you. But this is a subject never broached in discussions

Markets: Considerably higher returns despite decrease in tonnage

(October 2011) Strong growth in Italy’s marble-value-added exports / From January till May 2011-10-02

Markets: Competition for Carrara’s White

(September 2011) Afghanistan undertakes steps to market its marble reserves world-wide

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