Markets: Selling Stone

Cosentino promotes its new Silestone as groundbreaking in sustainability: “Changing the world from the kitchen“

The campaign addresses young people and their parents using the phrasing of Fridays for Future

Swedes have a soft spot for kitchen countertops made of natural stone and also for exotic types of stone

Surveys by the national stone association show a high level of ecological awareness among consumers and great interest in natural materials

A future competitor for natural stone facade panels: German researchers create solar cells with marble look

Inkjet printing on Perovskite cells can achieve good efficiencies even on façades in awkward places

In addition to rising energy costs, Italy’s ceramics industry is now also facing a shortage of clay raw material

A memorandum from the association Confindustria Ceramica outlines that the industry is very concerned about losing customers to other materials

EU taxonomy: in the future, all (construction) projects, products and services are to have precise descriptions of their sustainability

The Commission in Brussels is starting with the financial sector to get the transformation of the European economy to climate neutrality on track

Euroroc’s General Assembly 2021 was held at Marmomac on October 01

President Hermann Graser: “We are better prepared for the challenges of climate protection, sustainable production methods and competition among building materials than we were a few years ago“

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