Markets: Selling Stone

Markets: antique art-works of slurry and resin

(October 2010) The Global Stone Congress in March in Alicante demonstrated solutions for ecological challenges facing the stone branch

Markets: Multi-billion $ investment in the Republic of Kazakhstan

(September 2010) The country situated between Asia and Europe rarely crops up in economic reports despite the fact that investment and building are progressing at staggering rates. This is a clear opportunity for the stone branch

Markets: Geology as a PR top-seller for the stone branch

(August 2010) How to use science and tourism to promote natural stone

Markets: Construction south of the Sahara Desert

(July 2010) All eyes are on Africa on the occasion of the FIFA World Cup: Some countries on the continent are experiencing an upswing financed by Chinese funds. Question: does the stone branch profit from the FIFA World Cup?

Markets: Increased demand for stone from the USA expected

(July 2010) Positive trend in modernisation / MIA-Study on world markets until 2015

Design: Inlays for Azerbaijan

(June 2010) Turkish company delivers high value products to East-European markets

Markets: Great demand for structural artworks

(June 2010) China’s upswing economy is an opportunity for stone beyond mere use as a building material / Stonetech Fair in Shanghai

Markets: Tongue and groove plus mass equal cohesion

(May 2010) Turkish company develops a patented modular interlocking system for natural stonewalls

Markets: From slurry to glas

(May 2010) Brazilian scientists develop a new application for refuse and groundbreaking research

Fairs: Off to the Creative-Minded and Designers

(April 2010) An ever increasing number of stone-producers are exhibiting for architecture and design

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