Markets: Selling Stone

Markets: „For more strength internationally, we first must gain strength nationally“

(March 2010) Interview with the newly elected President of the Brazilian Stone Industry Organization (Abirochas)

Markets: Marble for Maghreb

(January 2010) Italian scientists see enormous potential for stone exports to Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia

Markets: Heating with stone and electricity

(January 2010) Portuguese company develops a new type of floor heating

Markets: „going for export“

(January 2010) Interview with the President of the Spanish Natural Stone Association, Manuel Sánchez Pérez

Markets: Industrial Design – big Opportunity

(November 2009) House, home, and gardening equipment may open up new markets for the natural stone industry

Markets: No more yellowing

(November 2009) Tenax has a new resin resilient to sunrays in hot climates

Markets: Pan-Continental Network

(November 2009) Marmomacc saw first tangible steps toward the foundation of a global Organization for the stone branch

Markets: Soliciting vacuum cleaners and wet-walls

(October 2009) A Brazilian ordinance requires new labour protection measures

Markets: How to find ideas for new products

(September 2009) Sometimes innovative ideas emerge from misappropriation of products by customers or are the result of the producers’ hidden potential

Markets: Stone-Sandwich load-bearing walls

(September 2009) Thin stone waffles combined with carbon fibre and insulation could revolutionize building

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