Markets: Selling Stone

Markets: Stone-Sandwich load-bearing walls

(September 2009) Thin stone waffles combined with carbon fibre and insulation could revolutionize building

Markets: Building boom in the Land of Cedars

(September 2009) Lebanon is investing and carrying out reparations of war damage

Markets: 50 percent. Minus

(August 2009) Spain is suffering serious negative growth in production / Brazil also affected

Markets: Showrooms thinking big

(August 2009) Brazilian company exhibits huge wall-mounted stone slabs

Markets: new opportunities for natural stone in the US real-estate market

(July 2009) According to a study by Harvard University on modernization of homes, energy conservation may create new demand

Markets: stop rogue waste disposal

(July 2009) European Union develops waste disposal concept for Palestine’s stone industry

Markets: Stone consumption in Germany in decline

(June 2009) Slight rise in exports of German stone / Stone+tec in Nuremberg closes with decisive minus

Markets: Less Cement Thanks to Stone Waste

(June 2009) Brazilian company achieves multiple positive effects using sand made from natural stone

Markets: Stone windowpanes

(May 2009) Water-jet-cutting-technology enables cost efficient reconstruction in stone of bar tracery also known as Mashrabiya in the Arabic countries or Jalis on the Indian continent

Markets: In 2008 Turkey counterbalances the US-crisis

(May 2009) Export growth particularly in Islamist countries / The fist quarter 2009 will never the less see a recession

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