Markets: Selling Stone

In addition to rising energy costs, Italy’s ceramics industry is now also facing a shortage of clay raw material

A memorandum from the association Confindustria Ceramica outlines that the industry is very concerned about losing customers to other materials

EU taxonomy: in the future, all (construction) projects, products and services are to have precise descriptions of their sustainability

The Commission in Brussels is starting with the financial sector to get the transformation of the European economy to climate neutrality on track

Euroroc’s General Assembly 2021 was held at Marmomac on October 01

President Hermann Graser: “We are better prepared for the challenges of climate protection, sustainable production methods and competition among building materials than we were a few years ago“

The ceramic industry is under extreme pressure due to energy prices

The manufacturers of artificial stones are also likely to be affected, because they use heat and pressure for production

Europeans had an average of €15,055 at their disposal in 2021

The study “GfK Purchasing Power Europe 2021” examined how much money consumers ultimately had available for spending and saving

The Danish shipping company Maersk wants to switch to “green“ methanol for its ships

The world’s largest transport company is having 8 new container ships built, which will have a long-term impact on the entire transportation sector

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