Markets: Selling Stone

DryTile: Laying ceramic floor tiles entirely without glue or mortar

The system uses cork as a base and a special grout / Can the principle be used for natural stone?

Red Bull shoots a film about skateboarding in the quarry of the Norwegian company Lundhs

One of the stars says: “It’s extra fun to skate on Larvikite, because it’s very hard. It makes the board glide better“

France’s Pierre d’Arudy is the 4th natural stone in the country to receive the seal of a Protected Geographical Indication (Indication Géographique)

The title protects against illegal use of the product name, it is only valid in France, but there also for imports

“Global Wealth Migration Review“: New Zealand could become a preferred destination for the rich and super-rich in the next 10 years

As a result of Corona, market researchers from South Africa and Afrasia Bank expect less international tourism and fewer foreign guests in luxury hotels

Boxbay provides enormous acceleration for stacking and handling containers in the port

The joint venture of the German SMS group and DP World from Dubai has a high-bay warehouse at its core, with direct access to each individual transport box

Dr. Carlo Montani: 56% of global stone production comes from quarries in Asia (including Turkey)

After years of growth, the Statistics Yearbook records a slowdown in both extraction and global trade for the first time in 2019

Marketing via internet: a “Digital Natural Stone Trade Delegation” from Turkish Aegean region made contacts in Vietnam

As Chinese stone imports have declined, the EMIB-association reached out for new business partners in the Far East / Coincidence with the creation of the new free trade zone RCEP

Go Far East and Pacific: the new free trade zone RCEP abolishes import duties for natural stone end products between the 15 participating countries

The new economic area from China to New Zealand offers the stone industry great opportunities worldwide

Chen Guoqing: “Upgrading the consumption of China’s middle class with 400 million people means a huge demand for higher quality products and for imports”

Interview with the President of the Chinese Stone Association about the future orientation of the country’s economy and the impacts of Covid-19

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