Stone Stories

The restoration of Notre Dame can begin in winter

Work on securing and restoring the cathedral in Paris has been completed on schedule / Tenders are being invited

Water from pores or cracks in bedrock is much more used by trees than previously known

For those plants, the rock is a regular source of moisture, not only an emergency reserve during droughts

The mighty sarsen stones in the ring of Stonehenge are built of a nearly indestructible sandstone

The material has 99.7% quartz with crystals in an extremely dense lattice

Carpenters from the US reconstruct a roof truss from Notre Dame “as a (symbolic) gift to France“

Experienced craftsmen from all over the country come together in Washington DC using materials and methods of medieval church builders

13 cultural properties newly inscribed in Unesco’s List of World Heritage, among them many stone structures

Sites must be of outstanding importance for humanity, not only for one nation or one region

Largest find of Jurassic starfish and relatives ever discovered in the UK

The Natural History Museum excavated a site in the once shallow sea some 167 million years ago that was rapidly buried during an underwater mudslide

Roman stonemasonry at its finest: a villa in the ancient cosmopolitan city of Ephesos displayed marble on its walls up to a height of 6 m

Geoarchaeology Professor Cees Passchier of the University of Mainz, Germany, together with colleagues, has reconstructed the decoration and made some surprising discoveries

Why the Roman stonemasons changed the order of the slabs in the marble bookmatch in a villa in Ephesus

Research by geoarchaeology Professor Cees Passchier of the University of Mainz, Germany, together with colleagues

Former limestone quarry near Salzgitter, Germany, recognized as worldwide geological reference point for the transition between Turonian and Coniacian during Cretaceous

The site is a perfect rock boundary sequence over 40 meters in width, with a well-defined record of events that took place in this interval of geological time

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