Stone Stories

Planet inferno: April 10th 200 years ago was the date of the massive Mount Tambora eruption in Indonesia

It was the greatest volcanic eruption in recent history / What followed was the „year without a summer“ in 1816

Quarrelling over a new landscaping plan for Marble Alps: „dangerous, perfidious, deceitful“

In the Italian District of Versilia near Carrara, the stone branch is fraught with anxiety over political issue

„Adam“ is back in new splendor in the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art

Innovative restoration of Tullio Lombardo’s historically significant natural stone sculpture which dates back to the 1490s

Can quarries sell their waste to off-shore wind-farms?

The supporting pillars of the giant rotor-blades require substantial support to prevent erosion around their base

Seating which preserves the phases and takes a snapshot a moment in the life of natural stone

Italian designers cut stone blocks out of rock in the Dolomites and preserves the surface with resin

The Liszts and Beethovens of marble are under way in the name of the stone branch

Once again Marmomacc demonstrates that natural stone is currently experiencing a new lease on life with a number of new opportunities

WorldSkills 2015: Participation for stone masons is ensured

In Brazil’s São Paulo, international craftsmen will compare skills in working natural stone

Primeval lava flows, not water formed the „canali“ on Mars

Water was far too scarce on the red planet to have cut the gigantic valleys into the landscape, says Swiss geoscientist

Ancient Inca road system granted title of World Heritage

Stony paths running over 30,000 km through mountains and rainforests from today’s Colombia to Argentina

South America with a giant „knee“ at its north-east coast

How the Southern hemisphere would look today if supercontinent Gondwana had split in a different way 130 Million years ago

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