Stone Stories

Winter Olympics 2014: the home of the Curling granite is still for sale

Island Ailsa Craig 10 miles off Scotland’s coast contains the most important blue hone granite quarry / Curling is an Olympic sport

Paris‘ Louvre is home to the Porche Mamlouk, a gem of Islamic Art

(October 2013) The sandstone portal rich in relief ornamental décor stems from Egypt’s 15th century

Deflecting asteroids from their way to Earth

(September 2013) In order to prevent an collision with our planet, a space probe could impact the celestial body / Nasa wants to catch and „park” an asteroid for research

150-year-old underground with 150 million-year-old limestone

(May 2013) London’s „Tube“ is celebrating its 150th jubilee / Station Green Park with artistic design

Stone Stories: Ailments and illnesses in lofty heights

(March 2013) During restoration work of the York Minster, stone masons were permitted to choose and design grotesques / Natural Stone Awards of the Stone Federation Great Britain

Stone stories: Lots of real marble and fake limestone

(March 2013) New York City’s Grand Central Terminal is celebrating its 100th jubilee / a „Cathedral“ among public transport buildings

Stone stories: dimensions in stone beyond imagination

(March 2013) The new pope met the power of 2000 years of faith and history when appearing at the balcony of St. Peter’s

Stone stories: „arrival of the modern mind“

(March 2013) The British Museum shows the modernity in art pieces from the last Ice Age some 10.000 years ago

Stone Stories: Campaigns bear fruit

(January 2013) Organizations for responsible production successfully press for improved labor conditions in Asia’s quarries

Art: Citizens, to the mosaics!

(January 2013) An underpass in Poland’s city of Krakow was embellished with citizen’s inspiration, craftsmanship and natural stone

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