Stone Stories

Stone Stories: IF Design publishes nonsense on natural stone

(July 2011) A webpage by the prominent Design-Institution claims that cinder block concrete has a better ecolifecycle

Art: Marble for miniature floors

(April 2011) Royal wedding in England: a glance in Queen Mary’s Dolls’ house and Westminster Abbey

Stone Stories: „Not all changes can be attained overnight“

(February 2011) Efforts to improve working conditions in India’s and China’s stone industries

Design: Goooooooooooal

(February 2011) In Germany’s city of Dortmund the local soccer club has commissioned a Walk of Fame with plaques in granite

Stone Stories: Witness to times gone by

(December 2010) Project for the conservation of antique quarries around the Mediterranean / Book on new uses

Stone Stories: Geology, Technology and Art

(June 2010) Turkish vocational school specializing in natural stone is offering general studies

Stone Stories: „Lovestones“ in Verona

(July 2009) The theatre in the city which served as backdrop to Romeo and Juliet’s dramatic romance is selling stones engraved with oaths of love to finance renovation

Stone Stories: Master craftsman for stonemasonry

(July 2009) Europe has established courses in further education for masonry in cathedral construction in an attempt to keep the pool of knowledge alive

Stone Stories: Building with 13th Century Methods

(June 2009) Using ancient technology and lots of stone an old castle is given a new lease on life

Stone Stories: The Pope as a column-snatcher

(January 2009) Many-a-tale is told about natural stone used in building the Chigi-Chapel of Siena Cathedral

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