Stone Stories

Stone Stories: Behind the facade

(December 2011) The unlikely story of the singularly, possibly most expensive, stone wall made of cheap material – and wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year

Stone Stories: From infinity to worldly time pieces

(October 2011) Swiss producer of luxury watches uses meteorite stone and fossilized objects

Stone Stories: Heavy-weight granite table for tiny surface structures

(September 2011) The Swiss research institute Empa produces nano surface structures using the properties of natural stone

Stone Stories: Yeast cultures in pulverized granite

(August 2011) Granicium is the name of a new composite stone developed in Germany formable like ceramics

Stone Stories: IF Design publishes nonsense on natural stone

(July 2011) A webpage by the prominent Design-Institution claims that cinder block concrete has a better ecolifecycle

Art: Marble for miniature floors

(April 2011) Royal wedding in England: a glance in Queen Mary’s Dolls’ house and Westminster Abbey

Stone Stories: „Not all changes can be attained overnight“

(February 2011) Efforts to improve working conditions in India’s and China’s stone industries

Design: Goooooooooooal

(February 2011) In Germany’s city of Dortmund the local soccer club has commissioned a Walk of Fame with plaques in granite

Stone Stories: Witness to times gone by

(December 2010) Project for the conservation of antique quarries around the Mediterranean / Book on new uses

Stone Stories: Geology, Technology and Art

(June 2010) Turkish vocational school specializing in natural stone is offering general studies

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