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The so-called Heritage Stones (or Geoheritage Stones) designate varieties that have played an important role for mankind over centuries

The title is awarded by the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) / Other new categories are Geological Heritage Sites and GeoCollections

Gooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaal: the new away jerseys of Italy‘s national soccer team will wear a marble effect

The daily Il Tirreno reports that the sportswear for the Azzurri has been redesigned and now comes from Adidas company instead of Puma

New findings show how Cyanobacteria spread biofilms on rocks to dissolve minerals as nutrition

Various application for such a technology reach from processing mining ores to building colonies on the moon and Mars

Miscellaneous: news all around natural stone and rock

“Ronin“ is a back chair designed by Emil Lagoni Valbak and Frederik Werner for La Chance company from Paris

Miscellaneous: news all around natural stone and rock

News from the Elgin marbles: A robot-made copy of the head of Selen’s horse in the British Museum is on show at the Freud museum in London. It was produced by the Institute of Digital Archaeology at the University of Oxford

Limestone disc discovered in Mexico sheds new light on the 24 years of war that put an end to the Classic Maya world

The kingdoms of Lakamha‘ and Po‘p were political rivals but had a common base of beliefs and traditions

Miscellaneous: news all around natural stone and rock

“Extreme XL“ is a freestanding sink of Glass Design company with optionally Bianco Calacatta or Nero Marquina marble for the base

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