Stone Stories

In the Chinese province of Zhejiang, 9 former quarries have become a tourist attraction

The spectacular canyons and massive caves are testimony to the industrial culture of past centuries

Scientists find out why dripping water hollows out stone

The explanation: each droplet, although small and soft, acts like a tiny bomb, releasing its impact energy explosively and thus creating punctual erosion

Dispute in Sheffield over 37-ton Carrara marble tomb for local bare-knuckle-boxer celebrity

Cemetery officials say bereaved family did not seek permission for monumental site

Stone Wall Trees are an ecological feature in the subtropical metropolises of Asia

Mostly the Chinese Banyan (Ficus microcarpa), which can develop magnificently in the extreme locations in the inner city

The exhibition “The Stonehenge World“ explains the new worldview 4000 years ago and people‘s interconnection over great distances

Highlights of the show in the British Museum in London are Seahenge, a circle of wooden posts from the Norfolk coast, and the Nebra Sky Disk from Saxony-Anhalt in Germany

The restoration of Michelangelo’s unfinished masterpiece Pietà Bandini confirmed old sources that problems with the marble caused the work to be abandoned

The 2.7-ton block from the Seravezza quarries had microcracks and “impurities“ so that even the chisels “sparked“

An exhibition at the Saint Louis Art Museum (through May 15, 2022) shows how Renaissance and Baroque painters used stones as canvas and for more

The blue of lapis lazuli became water or sky, striations in lined jasper represented the sea’s undulating waves

Winter Olympics 2022 in Beijing: unlike in the summer of 2008, no jade in the winners‘ medals

This time there is only a symbolic reference to the history and culture of the country through the neolithic “yu bi“ discs

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