Stone Stories

Rock art (petroglyphs) in the Great Basin in the western USA have been carved into the stone for 12,000 years and continuously renewed

Max-Planck researchers from Germany have dated the artworks with a non-destructive analysis of the “rock varnish“

The orientation of the Kofun imperial tombs reflects the Japanese Emperors‘ self-understanding as descendants of the Sun Goddess Amaterasu

Scientists used high-resolution satellite images to bettern understand the monuments built from the 3rd to the 6th century AD

Traces of Solar flares in sediments under ancient towns are chronicles of the trade hundreds of years ago

Researchers have re-dated Viking-age commerce connections with regions in North Atlantic Norway, Frankish Western Europe and even the Middle East

The 2nd season of the documentary series “Uomini di Pietra“ (Men of Stone) is underway: the tough guys in the quarries of Henraux have been joined by a woman

The six films of 60 minutes each show the challenges of quarrying the marble in the mountains near Carrara

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