Stone Stories

Study reveals how nodules can stay on top of the sediments at the bottom of the sea

The clumps of rare-earth and other critical elements are associated to deep-sea fauna / Growth of 10-20 mm in 1 million years

Is there a water cycle deep inside our planet?

Researchers have found that minerals can carry large quantities of water from the subduction zones into the Earth’s interior

Swedish researchers: The inscriptions on the Rök runestone are about people’s fear of weather extremes

The fight for survival during famines is the topic, not the fight of heroes in battle

Republished: „Stories in Stone. Travels Through Urban Geology“ by David B. Williams

We publish the book’s Chapter 3 which is about Robinson Jeffers’ famous Tor House built of rocks at the coast in Carmel, California

Hard as a rock? Maybe not, say bacteria that help form soil

Scientists show how bacteria can degrade solid bedrock, jump-starting the process that creates the mineral portion of soil

The giant pumice raft in the Pacific originates from Volcano „F“ and is drifting towards Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Underwater eruptions often create large amounts of the porous rock which then covers large areas on the ocean surface

The ground floor of the great Mayan Temples and Palaces were originally enshrouded in drapery

Professor Jan Pieper of the RWTH Aachen has developed a new theory on equidistant portholes in the Temples’ walls

When parts of today’s Sahara were underwater, giant fish and long-snouted crocodilians lived there

Fossil finds in Mali show „island gigantism“ and an era when sea level was 300 m higher than today

More than 100 new Nazca-geoglyphs depicting people and many different animals discovered in Peru

The land-lines dating from 100 BC to AD 300 were created by the Pre-Columbian culture in the mountainous area

Scientists find why eternal Nile has kept its path since humans remember

It is the Earth’s mantle movement that keeps the river on course / The river is 6 times older than previously thought

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