Stone Stories

Are deep ocean sediments a „seed bank“ for the diversity of life?

Scientists have quantified endospores, extremely resistant bacteria waiting for resurrection under changed environmental conditions

Nature in the quarry: the Eurasian Eagle-Owl (Budo budo) feel undisturbed by all the noise of heavy machinery in the quarry

Oetelshofen Limestone Quarry, Germany, regards the endangered giant owl, which chose the quarry as its home, as „a popular figure“

After rockfall at the Matterhorn Hörnli ridge in 2003: now, millions of data points observe any change in the rock

„Crackmeters“ measure how the ice as stabilizing „glue“ is melting and how this leads to a displacement of boulders

A 1.5 t marble table 3.1 m in diameter travels from Lake Constance in Germany to California

Draenert Company was commissioned to construct and deliver an XXL version of its rotating table „Tadao“ to the USA

The Bent Pyramid with its Limestone cladding almost completely preserved is again accessible for tourists

The more than 4600 years old building still poses riddles due to its unique outer shape

Man lands on the moon 50 years ago: a place of longing but on the other hand perhaps a dangerous extraterrestrial site

Stone samples, which Apollo astronauts and those of the Russian missions brought back from Earth’s satellite are important sources of information for new theories

Earthquakes along the Dead Sea Rift may cause tsunamis threatening the coasts of the Gulf of Eilat-Aqaba

In 1995 such a tremor had happened with waves of 3 to 4 m height causing damage to Nuweiba harbor and to local nomad dwellings

The „breathing“ of magma chambers below the ocean may cause soft earthquakes related to the tides

An old question answered: why can tides trigger tremors at mid-ocean-ridges / Sensitive system might also react on fracking

6000 years ago artists all over Europe used mother-of-pearl from freshwater mussels for dress accessories

So-called „double buttons“ may have been pressed into leather to decorate armbands or belts

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