Stone Stories

The 2nd season of the documentary series “Uomini di Pietra“ (Men of Stone) is underway: the tough guys in the quarries of Henraux have been joined by a woman

The six films of 60 minutes each show the challenges of quarrying the marble in the mountains near Carrara

Extraordinary Roman mosaic and villa discovered beneath farmer’s field in Rutland, UK

The artwork in 3 parts, which had been the floor of a large dining or entertaining area in a villa, features Achilles in his battle with Hector at the conclusion of the Trojan War

The mysterious stone spheres of Costa Rica probably defined power and dominion and gave mankind a sense of community

They were placed in the years from about 800 a.d. until the conquest by the Spanish in the 1500s

The South of Greek Naxos island also was an important area for marble quarrying in antiquity

Geoarchaeologist Scott Pike of Willamette University found tucked-away sites where the stone for an Apollo statue on Delos came from

Was the Middle Bronze Age city called Tall el-Hammam the Biblical Sodom and was it destroyed by a meteorite exploding above the ground?

Scientists from East Carolina University, among others, analyzed a 1.5-meter-thick layer of carbon and ash in the Jordan Valley

The restoration of Notre Dame can begin in winter

Work on securing and restoring the cathedral in Paris has been completed on schedule / Tenders are being invited

Water from pores or cracks in bedrock is much more used by trees than previously known

For those plants, the rock is a regular source of moisture, not only an emergency reserve during droughts

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