Stone Stories

Group behavior occurred already among the first animals as it helped them to survive environmental stress

An international team of researchers analyzed fossils of trilobites which lived about 480 million years ago

Early warning signals heralded fatal collapse of Krakatau volcano on December 22, 2018

GFZ Potsdam researchers reconstruct the flank collapse event that triggered a tsunami which killed 430 people

Menhirs and a burial cairn site excavated at the Massif Central in France

A long time ago, the stones had been knocked down maybe to make them invisible in the landscape

Capital of Islamic Culture 2019: Al-Quds (Jerusalem), Tunis, Badar Seri Begawan and Bissau

Islamic Conference of Culture Ministers is bestowing the title for the Arab Region, Asia and Africa

Castleton Tower: Utah’s red rock metronome

Seismic readings by University of Utah scientists reveal Castleton Tower’s unseen vibrations

Are deep ocean sediments a „seed bank“ for the diversity of life?

Scientists have quantified endospores, extremely resistant bacteria waiting for resurrection under changed environmental conditions

Nature in the quarry: the Eurasian Eagle-Owl (Budo budo) feel undisturbed by all the noise of heavy machinery in the quarry

Oetelshofen Limestone Quarry, Germany, regards the endangered giant owl, which chose the quarry as its home, as „a popular figure“

After rockfall at the Matterhorn Hörnli ridge in 2003: now, millions of data points observe any change in the rock

„Crackmeters“ measure how the ice as stabilizing „glue“ is melting and how this leads to a displacement of boulders

A 1.5 t marble table 3.1 m in diameter travels from Lake Constance in Germany to California

Draenert Company was commissioned to construct and deliver an XXL version of its rotating table „Tadao“ to the USA

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