Stone Stories

After the assassination of Caesar, a volcanic eruption in Alaska caused a worldwide weather anomaly which contributed to the end of the Roman Republic

For a few years, there were crop failures, famine, and disease exacerbating social unrest and around the Mediterranean

Archaeologists discover a massive circle of prehistoric shafts near Stonehenge

It is believed that the entire arrangement was meant to guide people towards the religious sites and to warn others not to cross the boundary

Tectonic plates started shifting some 3.2 billion years ago, earlier than previously thought

A research team led by Harvard scientists analyzed how the position of ancient rocks changed over time while research usually focuses on the chemical structures in the stone

Drugs hidden in blocks of marble from Mexico – Spanish police tracked down dealers

The gangsters had neatly milled cylinders out of the stone and then elaborately sealed them

Earthquakes generate a small but immediate change in gravity which can be measured before the destructive waves arrive somewhere else

The case is difficult as the quake also changes the density of the rocks for a short time so that the gravity oscillates to some extent in sync with the shock

Space salad: no soil needed for the „Veggie” chamber but plant pillows with clay like used on baseball fields

Nasa published research results about red romaine lettuce grown on board the International Space Station (ISS)

On the q.t.: in 2018, a giant underwater volcano formed offshore the Comoros archipelago between Africa and Madagascar

Scientists analyzed the emptying of a magma chamber of 3.4 cubic kilometers in about 30 km depth in the Earth mantle

In German concentration camps quarries were used for annihilation

Under Nazi-rule the German SS entertained its own building supplies trade

Study reveals how nodules can stay on top of the sediments at the bottom of the sea

The clumps of rare-earth and other critical elements are associated to deep-sea fauna / Growth of 10-20 mm in 1 million years

Is there a water cycle deep inside our planet?

Researchers have found that minerals can carry large quantities of water from the subduction zones into the Earth’s interior

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