Stone Stories

Temple of deity Xipe Tótec found in Mexico: eerie religious ceremonies

To reproduce the way a maize kernel opens its outer skin before sprouting, victims were skinned in a ritual after having been killed

Questions answered about the orientation of the „Chinese Pyramids“ made of rammed earth

Some of them point to the celestial pole, others to the star to which the pole would be approached in the future (seen from that time): Polaris

Chicxulub inferno: for a few minutes, rocks became fluid formed the crater with a mountain ring in the center

Scientists have a new understanding of the mechanical behavior of rocks during such an event

How dust from Middle East deserts windblown to the Himalaya influences the monsoon in India

The sand particles cause the snow to absorb more sunlight and melt more quickly which sets off a series of interconnected feedback loops

Drystone walling is added to Unesco’s list of Intangible Heritage of Humanity

Valorized was the living tradition of the ancient know-how and the role it still plays for maintaining the landscpae

Green Emerald of more than 5000 carat (or 1,11 kg weight) was found in Zambia in October 2018 and auctioned in Singapore

The extraordinary stone was named „Inkalamu“ meaning ,lion’ in the local Bemba language

Simulated soil from Mars helps researchers on Earth to plan future stays to the red planet

The University of Central Florida now sells such fake celestial dirt at $20 a kilogram plus shipping

Mount Etna’s southeastern flank is slowly sliding into the sea

Within a period of 8 days, it moved by 4 cm seawards and subsided by 1 cm / A collapse could trigger a tsunami in he region

At the Palu earthquake in Indonesia, soil liquefaction caused serious damage

Due to the forces of the seismic shocks, the sandy ground got liquid and engulfed all that it had carried before

50 years ago: dismantling and relocating the stone temples of Abu Simbel

The giant statues once carved from a sandstone hill had to be cut into thousands of blocks using the quarry technology of the 1960ies