Stone Stories

The ground floor of the great Mayan Temples and Palaces were originally enshrouded in drapery

Professor Jan Pieper of the RWTH Aachen has developed a new theory on equidistant portholes in the Temples’ walls

When parts of today’s Sahara were underwater, giant fish and long-snouted crocodilians lived there

Fossil finds in Mali show „island gigantism“ and an era when sea level was 300 m higher than today

More than 100 new Nazca-geoglyphs depicting people and many different animals discovered in Peru

The land-lines dating from 100 BC to AD 300 were created by the Pre-Columbian culture in the mountainous area

Scientists find why eternal Nile has kept its path since humans remember

It is the Earth’s mantle movement that keeps the river on course / The river is 6 times older than previously thought

The fall of the Berlin Wall 30 years ago: mere concrete and thus of limited durability

In the closing months of 1989 just about all the citizens of the GDR gathered to march in protest and brought down the socialist regime

Tremendous fire at the Shuri Castle in Japan

The World Heritage site going back to the Ryuku kingdom has walls with stones composed in the Incan style known from ancient Latin America

In the past, pyrite (fool’s gold) may have triggered the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and climate change

Marum-scientist: During ice ages with lower sea-levels, the mineral was exposed to oxygen from the air which caused chemical weathering and CO2 release

Group behavior occurred already among the first animals as it helped them to survive environmental stress

An international team of researchers analyzed fossils of trilobites which lived about 480 million years ago

Early warning signals heralded fatal collapse of Krakatau volcano on December 22, 2018

GFZ Potsdam researchers reconstruct the flank collapse event that triggered a tsunami which killed 430 people

Menhirs and a burial cairn site excavated at the Massif Central in France

A long time ago, the stones had been knocked down maybe to make them invisible in the landscape

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