Stone Stories

As Notre Dame is being rebuilt, replacement stones that may be suitable are now going through laboratory testing

One of the challenges is finding new quarries or bringing decommissioned ones back into service to provide the large quantities needed

Colonization of the Antilles by fauna from South America: giant sunken islands served as passageways

Over the last 40 million years, movements of the tectonic plates and glacial cycles gave birth to appearance and disappearance of archipelagos in today’s Caribbean Sea

The Aqueduct of Constantinople: how the longest water channel of the ancient world was managed

Double water channels may have been used to maintain the system while enabling constant operation

The Oscar ceremony 2021 took place in Los Angeles in a train station with striking natural stone décor

Unlike other cathedrals of transportation, at Union Station, marble and other stone varieties only accentuate, show less opulence and wealth

Oldest stone map from the Bronze Age rediscovered after more than 100 years in the cellar of a French museum

The relief with circles and lines comes from the Finistère region in the far west of Brittany and could depict the territory of a ruler

For the time after Covid-19: the Mausoleum of Augustus in Rome is open to visitors again

The huge circular building with a diameter of 90 meters was once covered with marble and travertine, of which, however, nothing has been preserved

What is behind the water miracles of Italian saints in the 6th century AD

A study shows that climate changes are also reflected in ancient religious texts

On our list for the time after Covid-19: Bernini’s Fountain of Four Rivers in Rome

This work of art in Piazza Navona symbolizes the known world of the time and is great cinema in many ways

Sturgeon stones weighing tons create habitats for animals and plants in the riverbed of the Wupper in Germany

Elephant Tuffi, beaver Bonny and salmon Lucky made by sculptors are intended to slow down the flow of the watercourse and be points of attraction for people

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