Stone Stories

Also the Neanderthals could make fire with pyrite and flint hand-axes

„They possessed similar technological capabilities to modern humans, even though they sometimes behaved differently,“ Leiden University archaeologist says

People from Easter Island used smart techniques to place the hats on the statues

The raw cylindrical forms were rolled to the sites and put in place by parbuckling / „Rapa Nui people made remarkable achievements through their ingenuity,“ a scientist concludes

Meteorite found only a few days after impact on Earth

On June 02, 2018 a fireball exploded over Botswana / Modern technologies and field search helped to find a fragment of the celestial body

Nineteen new sites inscribed on the World Heritage List, many of them use stone

The Unesco committee met in Bahrein’s capital Manama in June 2018

Reading in chert tools: Ötzi was probably socially isolated and in serious trouble

Researches interpreted the bad shape of his blade and the arrowheads concluding that the Iceman had not been able to refill his inventory

News about asteroid 2015 BZ509, the wrong-way driver in our solar system and an asteroid immigrant

A study shows that our sun captured this celestial interloper / In the Kuiper Belt was discovered an uncommon celestial body

Let the crystals grow: scientists of Queen Mary University in London develop a material that could regenerate dental enamel

Researchers find a new way to create mineralized materials similar to hard tissues on our teeth

Nature in the quarry: Fire salamander and water frogs call Swiss Bärlocher AG their home

The most important part of flora and fauna protection is securing the outskirts of the factory grounds to allow for diversity and suitable living conditions

Royal wedding at St George’s Chapel: strange creatures standing guard on the roof

The Queen’s Beasts are lions, unicorns, dragons, antelopes, and many more and document the strands of royal ancestry

It happened between 840 and 890° C: researchers find out how Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland was formed

Study identifies the temperatures of lava when it carved striking geometric columns which at first sight can only be done by titans from mythology

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