Stone Stories

Most of Stonehenge’s large boulders called “sarsens” have their origin in West Woods, Wiltshire, 25 km away

New findings by analysis of the stones’ chemical composition / The smaller so called “Bluestones” forming the inner circle come from Wales

Germany’s largest ever stony meteorite identified in Blaubeuren in the South of the country

A stonemason from Swabia with his diamond saw was needed to cut the celestial body

Enhanced weathering of milled rocks could indeed remove CO2 from the atmosphere – but there are limits to the feasibility

Research shows that the procedure could only be a small contribution and would require strong pricing of greenhouse gas emissions

Restless Earth: scientists find out that the Eifel volcanic region in Germany remains seismically active

There is no danger, but measurements show an uplift and stretching in the ground / Until now it was believed that volcanism there was a thing of the past

Glass fiber cables can make a superb network to measure e.g., underwater seismic activity or glacier motion

In studies at several universities, light pulses are sent through optical cables to measure deformations in sections of the fibers caused by changes in the surroundings

After the assassination of Caesar, a volcanic eruption in Alaska caused a worldwide weather anomaly which contributed to the end of the Roman Republic

For a few years, there were crop failures, famine, and disease exacerbating social unrest and around the Mediterranean

Archaeologists discover a massive circle of prehistoric shafts near Stonehenge

It is believed that the entire arrangement was meant to guide people towards the religious sites and to warn others not to cross the boundary

Tectonic plates started shifting some 3.2 billion years ago, earlier than previously thought

A research team led by Harvard scientists analyzed how the position of ancient rocks changed over time while research usually focuses on the chemical structures in the stone

Drugs hidden in blocks of marble from Mexico – Spanish police tracked down dealers

The gangsters had neatly milled cylinders out of the stone and then elaborately sealed them

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