Stone Stories

European Capitals of Culture 2018: Malta’s La Valetta and the Dutch city of Leeuwarden

While limestone defines architecture on the Mediterranean Isle, brick is the principal building material of Frisia, Netherlands

At the gates to the underworld in ancient Hierapolis: hellhound Kerberos, its poisonous breath and clever priests

International scientists revealed that geogenic carbon dioxide was the cause of an old myth around the Mediterranean

In the 16th century, a.D., Ireland’s stonemasons downed 7 l or 14 pints of ale a day

Next to bread, beer was a staple food on the island / women brewed their own and had special drinking rounds

Oolitic limestone probably formed by microbes, not by grains rolling on the seafloor and accumulating layers of sediment

A new study based on mathematical simulation explains how biofilms were mineralized up to 340 million years ago

Nature in the quarry: sand martins had made McKeon Stone’s quarry in Ireland their home

The birds dwelt in winding tunnels in sheer sandy hills of limestone dust left after quarrying

Cheops’ pyramid: Is there an „iron throne“ in the recently discovered chamber?

Giulio Magli from Milan Politecnico has formulated a hypothese of interpretation for the mysterious void in the limestone blocks

Underwater volcano eruptions may alter the ocean soundscape

Their signals may cause anomalies in the monitoring of earthquakes, land-based volcanoes or even whale songs

Many-faceted use of natural stone: Stylites demonstrated the religious immersion in lofty heights

For centuries, Levantine pillar-saints or stylites preached, fasted and prayed atop narrow pillars in lofty heights in an effort to physically approach God

Unique Stalactites: like hanging bells and in an underwater cave

Investigations by a German-Mexican research team give an explanation how the formations on the Yucatán Peninsula grew

Ernesto Matos published a book on Portuguese paving (Calçada Portuguesa)

Artist cum photographer, in cooperation with poet Anónio Correia, shows a compilation of paved spaces from around the world

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