People and Jobs

World Champion in stone masonry

(August 2013) Austrian Robert Schnöll takes 1st prize at the 2013 WorldSkills

Wanted: a stone enthusiast to become a TV star

(July 2013) British television production company is looking for someone from stonemasonry to appear in a new serie celebrating craftsmanship

People and Jobs: new board elected

(July 2013) General Assembly of Confindustria Marmomacchine held in June in Milan

To keep the profession young and to integrate young people

(May 2013) Ernesto Ghenzi is the new president of the Swiss association of sculptors and master stone masons (VSBS)

People & Jobs: Ilkka Ylitalo is the new head of Kiviteollisuusliitto ry

(April 2013) The Finnish Natural Stone Association has elected a new chairman

People and Jobs: „Belief in marketing, design, innovation, and a good communication“

(April 2013) Françoise Naudet is now a consultant for the French Centre Technique des Matériaux Naturels de Construction, CTMNC

People & Jobs: visiting exchange for restoration experts between England and Germany or Italy respectively

(April 2013) UK based stone restoration company Stone Edge reaches out to establish mutually beneficial links with partners on the continent

People and Jobs: forum for job-offers and notes about changes in the management

(April 2013) „People & Jobs“ new column reports on people and opportunities

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