Reports from Stone Trade Fairs

„Young Creative Ideas Platform” at the Marble Trade Fair, Izmir

Ideas for household items by creative young designers from Turkey made of local natural stone are on display

Interview with Beate Fischer, Nuremberg Trade Fair: „Stone+tec is the market and meeting place for Europe’s stone branch“

The show aims to propagate novel concepts for cemeteries and new fields of work for interior designers, among many other topics

Izmir Marble Trade Fair 2018: The Turkish stone branch has overcome last year’s challenges

Aside from the focus on block stone exports, a few companies have established a reputation as „beacons“ for new ideas

Marble trade fair in Izmir 2018: rediscovering the treasures of geometry

A handful of Turkish companies showed façade claddings beyond the boring rectangles which have been dominating the architectural style since the 1960ies

Marmomac 2018: Wellness & Hospitality will be the topic of the Italian Stone Theatre in Hall 1

Designer Raffaello Galiotto and architect Vincenzo Pavan show furnishings, accessories and architectural ideas bringing water and stone together

In its 2020 edition, Xiamen Stone Fair will expand by two halls

The Xiamen-Feeling is gaining form, shaped in part by the World Stone Congress, the opening Banquet and Lundhs Soccer Cup

„Archistone“ trade fair from November 13 to 16, 2018 in Madrid replaces former „Piedra“

The new show will be held under the auspices of ePower&Building, an umbrella event for the whole building sector

Trade fair Marble in Izmir: number of blocks presented will rise from 986 in 2017 to nearly 1500 this year

1250 trucks will be needed to transport the blocks from quarries all over Turkey to Izmir fairground

2018 Xiamen Stone Fair took place as every year from March 06 until 09

As the demand for natural stone now comes mainly from the private customer, Chinese booths and products showed more design than before

Stone Industry Fair in Moscow (April 03 – 06, 2018) will have a focus on new materials from Russia and from neigbouring countries

Shown will be travertines from Armenia, marbles from Caucasus and Ural, granites from Finish and Russian Karelia or from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine, among others

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