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(Christmas-)Gifts 2019 for people who adore natural stone

Like in the years before,’s editors have collected some inspirations for presents from the wide culture of marble, granite & Co

Miscellaneous: ideas with natural stone

„The Whale“ is the name of a new tourist information center to be built on the island of Andøya, 300 km North of the Arctic Circle. Its roof is covered with local stone

Exceptional fossils may need a breath of oxygen to form

Research led by The University of Texas at Austin brings new understanding about „Konservat-lagerstätten“

Do tectonic plates move because of movement in the Earth’s mantle, or is the mantle driven by the movement of the plates?

International scientists: its both forces at different parts of the planet’s surface and this balance of forces changes over geological time

Strong winter dust storms (shamals) with droughts may have caused the collapse of the Akkadian Empire

Fossil coral records provide new facts why the ancient state in Mesopotamia suddenly collapsed and was taken over by invaders

Miscellaneous: ideas with natural stone

The Philippines’ national mapping agency (Namria) has announced that there are more than 500 new islands in the country as a result of new high-resolution radar data

New understanding why mother-of-pearl is so hard and so resilient

Researchers at the University of Michigan show that nacre’s inner structure deforms under pressure and than springs back to normal

Group behavior occurred already among the first animals as it helped them to survive environmental stress

An international team of researchers analyzed fossils of trilobites which lived about 480 million years ago

Miscellaneous: ideas with natural stone

South African Designer Ronel Jordaan’s objects echo organic forms and textures like her pebbles made of Merino Wool

Machu Picchu: ancient Incan sanctuary intentionally built on an underlying network of tectonic faults and fractures

In these zones, building stone was easily available and water was chanelled through them, Brazilian geologist says

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