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Only a short flash: scientists film an impact of a meteorite on the moon during the eclipse in January 2019

The space rock with a mass of 45 kg and 30 to 60 cm in diameter hit the moon at 61,000 kilometers an hour

EU calls for applications for a new pilot project mapping Jewish Cemeteries in Europe

Budget of 1.05 million € for 18 months / The work of the European Jewish Cemeteries Initiatiative shall be complemented

Miscellaneous: ideas with natural stone

Only a small path with precipices of several 100 m on both sides leads to the Altenalp Türm summit in the Swiss Alps

„Turner. The Sea and the Alps“ in the Kunstmuseum Lucerne, Switzerland until October 13, 2019

The British painter is one of the first to depict the Swiss mountains and lakes / Travel nerves for high altitudes

„Upcycling“ of broken stone tools was a stone-age-behavior to get special utensils for precision and accuracy tasks

Finds in the Qesem Cave near Tel Aviv show that people 400,000 years ago had a sophisticated toolkit

The „Well of Eternity“ – the center of an eternal resting place

Stonemason and engineer Timothy Vincent developed an innovative concept for modern burials

„Chisel and Memory. The contribution of marble craftsmanship to the restoration of the Acropolis monuments“

The photo exhibition in the Acropolis Museum in Athens pays a tribute to stonemasons’ role in safeguarding the antique treasures

Italian Confindustria Marmomacchine is preparing an „International Stone Network” as supranational community

General assembly with more than 170 delegates in Milan / Business statistics: „Slight slowdown compared to the record levels of previous years”

Miscellaneous: ideas with natural stone

Norwegian block producer Lundhs has started an online shop where it sells design objects created with its Larvikite-stones

NSI Technical Director Chuck Muehlbauer answers questions about tolerances or countertop overhang limits, and many more

Eighteen new „Queries + Quandaries“ articles have been added to the Natural Stone Resource Library for free usage

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