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Exposure to crystalline silica: US office for occupational health releases new rules

Stone Associations call companies „to contact their legislative representatives immediately“

Ecuador earthquake caused death toll of at least 500

Along the Pacific coast the Nazca plate subducts (submerges) under the South American plate

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The Indoor-Trade-Fair for Marble Blocks in the Turkish city of Bursa counted 14,728 visitors and 148 exhibitors in its 40,000 m², 7-hall, exhibit area

All about stone: Lists of trade fairs in natural stone, architecture/construction and design/interior-design/lifestyle has compiled a list of interesting trade fairs – google ranking now first place

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Bedrock formations erode in time, as is a well-known fact. Not common knowledge but now proven by a group of scientists as reported in Nature Geoscience

Euroroc News (1/16): Emotions as a tool to promote natural stone

Professor Gerd Merke, General Secretary: Stone sector should point out that its material is „true, native and 100% natural“

Free MIA-Webinar: An Introduction to Natural Stone

Online tuition on April 5, 2016 for construction and design professionals about stone as a building material

WoldSkills 2017, Abu Dhabi: stonemasons’ participation on the edge

The world craftsmen’s competition requires 12 members of a craft to participate in any given category. Stonemasons have only 11 submissions

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Search for Earth-like planets in other solar systems, so-called exoplanets, can now be observed via internet

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„Stone’s DNA“ has been categorized and deciphered by the French Centre Technique de Matériaux de Construction

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