NSI Channel (Natural Stone Institute)

Safety will be the primary focus during the first phase of the Natural Stone University

MIA+BSI has launched an online education tool with free courses for stone industry professionals

„Help recruit, retain and advance women in the stone industry“

„Women in Stone“ is a workgroup called to life by the Marble Institute of America (MIA) and the Building Stone Institute (BSI) / „Wine & Stone“

Jessica Lussier of Granit Design company is the first to win the Women in Stone Empowerment Scholarship

The award by MIA+BSI was created to help women gain a better understanding of different sectors of the industry

A great success: the Natural Stone Resource Library by MIA and BSI

Online since 2015, the database for technical documents has had nearly 23,000 downloads in 12 months

Working at umfamiliar sites: Installation Safety Video

MIA+BSI release new learning modules with topics from protective equipment to tile-setting best practices

A ship made of marble prisms commemorating slave trade across the Atlantic

The sculpture at the entrance to the UN Headquarters bears the inscription „Ark of Return“, and won one of MIA’s 2015 Pinnacle Awards

Free MIA-Webinar: An Introduction to Natural Stone

Online tuition on April 5, 2016 for construction and design professionals about stone as a building material

Zýmē Winery: wine leaves and the company logo mirrored in natural stone pentagons

Italian producer of the famous Amarone red wine commissioned architects to design a building for the branding of the company

Marble Institute of America (MIA) announces winners of 2015 Pinnacle Awards

Walker Zanger honored in 4 categories / Grassi Pietre from Italy received an Award of Merit for a winery in Italy

MIA has compiled important information on natural stone ready to be downloaded

The Marble Institute of America aims to supply professionals, architects and designers with basic knowledge by means of its Online Resource Library