NSI Channel (Natural Stone Institute)

AEMA and MIA create Spanish edition of MIA’s „Dimension Stone Design Manual“

Quality control of products as a way to strengthen the Macael brand in the US

MIA-Seminar: how the geological makeup affects natural stone selection

NY Metro Chapter announces Geology Event on July 30

MIA launches „Wine & Stone” Networking Events through its Women in Stone Initiative

Tasting event centered on educating participants about the uniqueness of both wine and natural stone

The USA have defined standards for sustainability of natural stone production

Factors such as energy and water consumption during production or exposure to emissions or pollution at the place of work

MIA-Pinnacle Awards: black basalt for „an atmosphere of spirituality and refinement“

One of the prizes of the Marble Institute of America went to Stones and Roses Intl for works in Bangkok’s The Sukhothai Residences

Ardmore Residence: multi-story apartment building for Singapore’s Garden City

Natural stone on the ground floor level and on the interior was awarded a Pinnacle Award by the Marble Institute of America (MIA)

MIA-Pinnacle Awards: „end match“ and „book match“ with marble in perfection

An unusual bathroom design took the Marble Institute of America’s award for bathroom design

Radon is not a risk factor in granite quarrying – or finishing

Two new research studies by the Marble Institute of America (MIA) give the stone branch reliable arguments in combating misinformation

Tony Malisani is MIA-president for 2014

Marble Institute of America elects new officers and directors

MIA-Pinnacle-Awards: light and dark in a three-dimensional natural stone wall

(September 2013) The Marble Institute of America (MIA) has bestowed an award for design in slate on a Bangkok tenement wall