Markets: Selling Stone

Australia takes the pole-position in per-capita affluence

Marble value-added products experience marked growth on the fifth continent

Turnover in natural stone in Germany amounted to 623 Million € in 2017

Sustained high level of consumption / Construction sector: for 2019, expectation for 2019 amounts to growth of +2.9 %

Photo shooting for Laura Aparicio at Grassi Pietre’s factory

Maybe the fashion label’s art director was allured by the contrast of the stone hardness and the softness of clothes and fabrics

IMM Carrara’s „Stone Sector 2018“: „Roadmaps“ to marble and toward a competitive sector

Nanotechnology for improved surface structure and added value of raw materials are two possibilities

US-outdoor kitchen market: all types of equipment forecast to grow +6.2% annually to $735 million in 2022

Freedonia Group market researchers see an important „lifestyle of regularly cooking and entertaining outdoors“

Asia7: wealth expected to grow by up to 200% in the coming decade by 2027

According to research by New World Wealth, China’s population is set to attain US-American level within 10 years

How to trade successfully with natural stone in the USA and Canada: a foreign supplier must work hand in hand with installers „to build a team“

Experts of the Natural Stone Institute speaking at the Marble Trade Fair in Izmir explained how North America’s markets function

After years of recession in natural stone exports, Turkey has again overcome the 2 billion US-$ hurdle

But a closer look at facts and figures shows that all is not well in the country’s stone branch

Inland natural stone markets in China: all eyes on middle-class private customers

Former Trade Organization President speaks about challenges faced by the stone branch at the Xiamen Trade Fair World Stone Congress

Brazil’s natural stone statistics show sustained negative growth in export profits

Abirochas, Brazil’s natural stone trade Organization, has published its 2017 edition of „Informe“ / plummeting prices probably due to saturation of the market

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