Markets: Selling Stone

„Ceramic interpretation of natural stone“ and other fancy product descriptions

Can the stone branch undertake steps to stop plagiarism by ceramics and engineered stone? A compilation and taking stock

Red Silestone Eros Stellar to reflect raising tensions between the characters in the drama

Cosentino has placed its engineered stone as kitchen countertop in the new film by Spanish director Álex de la Iglesia

Premios Macael, the Iberian Macael Marble distinction was awarded for the 31st time

The award is a mark of distinction for international projects incorporating natural or engineered stone worked by Andalusian producers

Global Housing Report: Demand to be strongest in North America through 2021 while potential crisis looms in Western Europe

In China and India urbanization and new household formation are driving the market

Why do Italian natural stone products sell at an average of 1,250 US-$/t, but those from Turkey at a mere 450 US-$/t?

Answers to many questions are provided in Dr. Carlo Montani’s Statistical Yearbook „XXVIII Report Marble and Stones in the World 2017“

Euroroc: turning the ECJ judgment on „Soya Milk“ into a virtue to protect natural stone names such as „Marble“ or „Granite“

The European umbrella organization for the natural stone branch is undertaking an investigation of plagiarized product-names

US-Landscaping market: Boulders, edging, and pavers will see robust growth through 2021

Freedonia Group Study sees rising popularity of outdoor living spaces together with growth in new housing construction

Wonasa’s new President intends to take measures against stone copies made of ceramic or engineered stone

Baha Ali Şayakcı says in an interview with that the stone branch had taken the threat much too lightly

Marmomac’s „Macchine Virtuose“ presentation: marketable natural stone products were the center of focus

This year’s Italian Stone Theatre was all about hands on DIY testing

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