Markets: Selling Stone

Marmomac’s „Macchine Virtuose“ presentation: marketable natural stone products were the center of focus

This year’s Italian Stone Theatre was all about hands on DIY testing

Autumn 2017 Economic Forecast: continued growth in the Euro Area and also in the other countries of the Union respectively

Real GDP raise probably at +2.2% (+2,3% respectively) which is substantially higher than the +1.7% (+1.9% respectively) expected in the spring projection

„With real ceramic or real stone (instead of cheap copies), we would probably live in better architectures”

Damiano Steccanella, owner of Pibamarmi, used the company’s booth at Cersaie 2017 to initiate a discussion about material authenticity

Using the mass of natural stone as a means of protecting against terrorist attacks with trucks

Italian-based Zanettin Company has developed a practical used for its gabions

McKinsey: Chinese make up one third of global turnover in luxury goods

Consumers are aware of value for the money and keen on well-known brands, timeless style and quality products

Abirochas „Informe“: subtle indications of recovery for Brazil’s stone branch

The first half of 2017 saw an increase in imports of natural stone and engineered stone / exports showed significant increase

MIA+BSI Convention: Members concoct a „Tangy Tacky Turquoise Salsa“ complete with marketing concept at their cooking competition

The US-Natural Stone Trade Organization arranged a team competition for its members, which went a long way toward promoting the Organization

Zou Chuansheng: China’s natural stone branch must devote more attention to its more demanding private clientele

Former CSMIA President calls for more advisory expertise and more service

Ruling by the ECJ could be relevant for the stone branch: product names such as „Vegetable-Butter“ or „Veggie-Cheese“ are not permitted

The European Court of Justice prohibits plagiarism or inflationary use of food labels, as known in the ceramic and engineered stone branch

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