Markets: Selling Stone

„Despite a decline of our block-exports to China, Trump’s tariffs can be favorable for Turkish deliveries to the US“

Interview with Banu Bekisoglu, member of the Board of the Aegean Minerals & Natural Stone Exporters (EIB)

Europe has endorsed considering social and ecological issues in public procurement

Up until recently municipalities were obligated to allot contracts to the lowest bidder

Euroroc informs: The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) approves tariffs against Quartz Products from China

USITC says: Those artificial stones are subsidized and violate fair trade / Accusations also against quartz from India and Turkey and against ceramics from China

Lisbon is the new star in Pricewaterhouse Coopers’ ranking of economic prospects of European cities

The study „Emerging Trends in Europe 2019“ sees the ranking as a mix of newcomers and large well-tested markets

Promoting the „green“ side of natural stone in a sales pitch

A compilation of facts underscoring the strength of marble, granite, and other types of natural stone

„Trump’s tariffs create extremely favorable expectations for Brazilian Exports to the US”

Interview with Carlos Rubens A. Alencar, head of the Fortaleza Brazil Stone Fair

France imported stone products with a value of 325.7 million € (1.04 million t) in 2018

Trade Magazine Pierre Actual has published detailed statistics for import and export / 2024 Olympic Games

Market analysts rank countries by the wealth of their citizens

First place goes to the USA followed by China, Japan, the UK Germany, India, Australia and Canada

The Turkish Natural Stone Trade Organization EIB launched its WeChat-Account at the Xiamen Stone Fair 2019

The Aegean Stone Producers will use the Chinese social media for marketing purposes

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