Stone Stories

Engineered Stone „DNA Urbano“ bears the dust of city streets

Stone Italiana uses the waste from street sweepers after cleaning Milan’s hinterland as the starting point for its latest product

Just in time for William Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary of his death: „Not marble, nor the gilded monuments“

In his famous sonnet, the poet reasons that he could help others to achieve fame and immortality

Scientists experiment with lime to accumulate and store the heat of the sun

Implementation could increase demand of limestone / image upgrade for stone branch

Data from Australia’s Navy reveals a reef behind the Great Barrier Reef

Fields of donut-shaped circular mounds created by the growth of Halimeda, a common green algae composed of living calcified segments

How slate shaped the land and people of Wales

A book describes the former world leading industry in South-Western Great Britain and its heritage

Statistical proof: alignment in stone circles oriented along astronomical knowledge of ancient times

More than this, the position of the stones also has a complex relationship with the surrounding landscape and the horizon

Geological data provide support for legendary Chinese „Great Flood“

Around 1920 BC, a natural dam in the Yellow River at Jishi Gorge broke and caused a disaster downstream leading to the Xia dynasty

How marble was used to make a political statement in ancient times

Dr. Christopher Dickensen of Oxford University is researching the history by analyzing pillars and monuments of Roman Greece

Scientists discover a new type of meteorite in the active Swedish Thorsberg limestone quarry

The piece of celestal stone dates form a massive asteroid collision 470 million years ago

Another long-forgotten civilization lost: underwater remains of an ancient Greek city are of natural origin

Alleged paved floors, courtyards and colonnades were created by geological phenomenon up to five million years ago