Stone Stories

6000 years ago artists all over Europe used mother-of-pearl from freshwater mussels for dress accessories

So-called „double buttons“ may have been pressed into leather to decorate armbands or belts

Saint-Malo’s Fort de la Conchée shows the art of the old builders and their stonemasons

Erected under the reign of Luis XIV, the Fort was badly damaged during WWII but restored almost completely since then

Researches found a new „Burgess Shale“ along the bank of the Danshui River in China

Another treasure chest of the Cambrian Explosion when early animal life on Earth reached an extreme diversity

The limestone-walls of the cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris seem to have withstood the flame inferno

They are built of Pierre Lutétien which has been part of the city’s history since Roman times

New light into the recent evolution of the African rift valley

Field research on the border between Ethiopia and Kenya provides new insights into the break-up of continents

The marble steps of the Holy Stairs in Rome will be accessible without wooden protection for about 40 days after April 11, 2019

Staircase is said to originate from Pilate’s palace and to have been stepped on by Jesus / Reinterpretation: Jesus before the prefect

Exhibit at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation: Why certain parts of sculptures from Ancient Egypt are broken

What looks like pure vandalism, often was a carefully considered act to tear away the power from a ruler’s representation in stone

Plovdiv (Bulgaria) and Matera (Italy) are named European Capitals of Culture 2019

As always, the editors of researched what the cities have to offer in terms of natural stone