Stone Stories

Landslides resulting from human activity have increased over time

Most were caused by construction, illegal hillcutting and illegal mining often combined with heavy rainfall

Kidney stones grow similar to mineralization that leads to coral reefs

Different from was thought before, they have layers with many components that grow and dissolve

Archaeologists find earliest and largest monumental cemetery in eastern Africa in Kenya

Relict of an egalitarian society, without a stratified social hierarchy which has been believed to be necessary for early complex societies

Limpets know about the state of their stone-like shells and are capable to repair the lime, in case of damage

„These simple marine organisms can react in a very subtle and clever way,“ a Trinity College Dublin scientist says

Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo in part caused by Indonesian volcano Tambora’s eruption, scientist says

Electrically charged volcanic ash short-circuited Earth’s atmosphere in 1815, causing global poor weather

The Alps grow an average of 1.8 mm in height and move to the northeast at a speed of up to 1.3 mm

For the first time, a computer model illustrates the dynamics of the mountains from the Maritime Alps all the way to Slovenia

Sculpting in Taiwan – now and again nature adds a touch of its own

German artist and sculptor Tobel experienced the forces of nature first hand on the geologically active island

Also the Neanderthals could make fire with pyrite and flint hand-axes

„They possessed similar technological capabilities to modern humans, even though they sometimes behaved differently,“ Leiden University archaeologist says

People from Easter Island used smart techniques to place the hats on the statues

The raw cylindrical forms were rolled to the sites and put in place by parbuckling / „Rapa Nui people made remarkable achievements through their ingenuity,“ a scientist concludes

Meteorite found only a few days after impact on Earth

On June 02, 2018 a fireball exploded over Botswana / Modern technologies and field search helped to find a fragment of the celestial body