Stone Stories

Oolitic limestone probably formed by microbes, not by grains rolling on the seafloor and accumulating layers of sediment

A new study based on mathematical simulation explains how biofilms were mineralized up to 340 million years ago

Nature in the quarry: sand martins had made McKeon Stone’s quarry in Ireland their home

The birds dwelt in winding tunnels in sheer sandy hills of limestone dust left after quarrying

Cheops’ pyramid: Is there an „iron throne“ in the recently discovered chamber?

Giulio Magli from Milan Politecnico has formulated a hypothese of interpretation for the mysterious void in the limestone blocks

Underwater volcano eruptions may alter the ocean soundscape

Their signals may cause anomalies in the monitoring of earthquakes, land-based volcanoes or even whale songs

Many-faceted use of natural stone: Stylites demonstrated the religious immersion in lofty heights

For centuries, Levantine pillar-saints or stylites preached, fasted and prayed atop narrow pillars in lofty heights in an effort to physically approach God

Unique Stalactites: like hanging bells and in an underwater cave

Investigations by a German-Mexican research team give an explanation how the formations on the Yucatán Peninsula grew

Ernesto Matos published a book on Portuguese paving (Calçada Portuguesa)

Artist cum photographer, in cooperation with poet Anónio Correia, shows a compilation of paved spaces from around the world

The many facets of marble: candy factories use marble slabs as work surfaces with ideal heat-exchange

The candy craft makes use of the insulating properties of stone to make perfect clear hard candy

Earthquakes (mostly between mangitude 3 and 4) may be caused by human activity

The HiQuake database collects geological events related to anthropogenic activity which is often just the final straw that releases built-up stress

Old Faithful in the Yellowstone Park: where its reservoir is located and new understandings of the shockwaves at its eruptions

Scientists from the University of Utah searched the geological structures in low depth underneath the landmark