Stone Stories

How the properties of soapstone have been valued since prehistoric times

Scientists from Norway have published a book about this soft and workable but also durable material with a high heat-storage capacity

Banded iron ore reveals how the Earth’s atmosphere was transformed into an environment with oxygen

When single-celled organisms started photosynthesis about 3 billion years ago, doors opened for today’s life

Tiny quartz grains from atmospheric dust help understand global wind circulation and climate

Japanese scientists found a way to distinguish between dust from the Gobi and from the Taklimakan Deserts still after it had traveled across the Pacific

Cemetery columns ensure that the names of deceased locals are remembered

German-English stonemason Timothy C. Vincent came up with the idea of a „history book of the common man“ made of local stone

A new role for stone: in Cologne, Germany heavy elements from the cathedral’s Gothic façade protect the building

The city renounced concrete bollards and chose historical elements from the Dombauhütte

Sandstone statue of a guardian discovered near Angkor Thom in Cambodia

The find belongs to the famed Bayon style associated with King Jayavarman VII from the 12th century

How pumice can float and form giant rafts traveling thousands of kilometers on the ocean

Scientists from the University of California used X-ray experiments in Berkeley’s synchrotron to have new findings of the volcanic stone

Martin Luther would have had any number of reasons to entertain a special relationship to marble

2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation

Bridal attire in the Cervaiole Marble-Quarry by Henraux: between heaven and earth

Magnani Atelier Fashion shows its current collection with the marble rock formations of Carrara in 1150 m altitude as a backdrop

How the Arctic Ocean turned from a gigantic freshwater lake to a part of the saline North Atlantic

Researchers from German Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) simulated how the land bridge between Greenland and Scotland submerged