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Application open for the Tuwaiq International Sculpture Symposium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

20 stone sculptors are invited to publicly create a work in marble from November 10 to December 02, 2021

10 international and Turkish stone sculptors may apply for the 2nd Neopolis Sculpture Symposium in Kuşadası south of Izmir, to be held in October 2021

Application deadline is July 16 / Royalty of 2400 US-$ and accommodation, food, transportation paid

“Art Moves Europe“ wants to give the idea of a united Europe a new popularity with a sculpture trail

The association is looking for artists or organizations that represent the values of the community in their works

On our list for the time after Covid-19: Bernini’s Fountain of Four Rivers in Rome

This work of art in Piazza Navona symbolizes the known world of the time and is great cinema in many ways

On our list for the time after Covid-19: a visit at the Louvre in Paris

Until then, in our series we we only take a virtual look at famous destinations and their stones around the world

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