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Replica of the famous Indian Sanchi Gate in Berlin in a combination use of 3D scanning, CNC technology and craftsmanship

The sandstone artwork next to the new Berlin Palace is another example of new technology-based business for the stone sector

In Krakow, a wall mosaic measuring 10 m x 5.30 m commemorates the Polish artist Stanisław Wyspiański

Lubosz Karwat made it in his studio in individual parts and assembled them on site at an educational center with a school and kindergarten

Barbara Hepworth’s sculptures at the Heide Museum of Modern Art in Melbourne, Australia, through March 13, 2023

First major Australian survey of the leading figure of modernist sculpture in Britain in the 20th century

Marmomac 2022, The Plus Theatre (1): “Visionary Stone“ by industry designer Raffaello Galiotto

Experimental works of art inspired by natural forms found in the animals and plants processed with CNC technology

Italian sculptor Massimiliano Pelletti creates sculptures based on classical models, from which geology and nature speak

Parts of the stone remain strikingly unworked, the rest bears a classical form

Tyresta National Park in Sweden has a landscape relief at the main entrance, carved out of the native Moheda Black diabase

The project, spanning 10 years from concept to completion, reflects the evolution of stone technology

Almaart Studio brings out the hidden images from exotic stones and makes them disappear again between veins and colors

“The hidden art of nature“ is the product slogan of two artists from near New York City

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