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Major exhibition at the MET Museum exploring the origins of Buddhist Art in India, until November 13, 2023

The show titled “Tree and Serpent“ features more than 125 works in stone, metal, ivory, ceramics, paintings, and jewelry

The Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Virginia, returned an original Bakor monolith to Nigeria

The mysterious artwork originates from stone circles in today’s Cross River State and probably depicts an ancestor figure

“Energy of Harmony“ was the theme of the 4th Tuwaiq Sculpture Symposium 2023 in Riyadh

30 large-scale granite sculptures were created during 26 days in February by 30 artists from 20 countries worldwide and from Saudi Arabia

Nilhan Sesalan presents in her works her thoughts together with all associations around them

Abstraction plays a central role, and so it is not easy to understand her works

Ana Maria Negară takes up the ancient symbols of humanity in her sculptures

The Romanian sculptor uses the labyrinth, the spiral, the hexagon and more, showing the questions of meaning, time, transcendence…

Andres Amador and his artwork at the beach: creativity in nature to capture balance and inspiration

The artist uses the sand as a canvas for fun, team building or community experiences

Elyn Zimmerman’s work “Sudama,“ with reflective and rough granite surfaces, was moved to American University in Washington DC

The monumental work, formerly titled: “Marabar,“ references the caves of Indian monks and allows nature and culture to interplay

Mosaic artist Lubosz Karawat creates a work of art with Mother Earth for a gravel company in Poland

Shown is the face of a woman in her mid-twenties, but despite her youth does not look carefree

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