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Art: Love of the land

(April 2013) French artist Roland Mousquès is a specialist in artistic drywall-design

Stone symposia scheduled for the months ahead

(April 2013) High times for hammer and chisel

Art: two large granite boulders between balance and instability

(April 2013) The Serpentine Gallery in London shows Fischli/Weiss’ „Rock on Top of Another Rock“ in Kensington Gardens, London

Art: The Springtime of the Renaissance

(March 2013) Exhibtion of „Sculpture and the Arts in Florence (1400-1460)“ until August 18, 2013 at the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence and later at the Musée du Louvre in Paris

Art: spiritual beliefs and practice of the America’s indigenous peoples

(March 2013) New long-term installation at the Brooklyn Museum

Art: „Hands can create, destroy, caress“

(March 2013) Slovak artist Veronika Priehodová chose themes revolving around relationships between people as well as around people and their global surroundings

Art: Petrified bottles of ketchup

(February 2013) US-American artist Robin Antar reproduces household objects that look like the real thing

Art: Citizens, to the mosaics!

(January 2013) An underpass in Poland’s city of Krakow was embellished with citizen’s inspiration, craftsmanship and natural stone

Art: Stone Age in Cyberia

(January 2013) Australian artist creates a Lego-block replacement for a chipped rock

Art: „Adopt a Marble-Spire“

(December 2012) The Milan Cathedral is soliciting funds for the restoration of relief-works-of-art on its façade

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