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Art: Stone sails

(June 2011) French sculptor erects monuments revolving around the theme of physical and natural force

Art: Marble for miniature floors

(April 2011) Royal wedding in England: a glance in Queen Mary’s Dolls’ house and Westminster Abbey

Art: Ancient lettering in stone

(April 2011) On the Croatian Isle of Krk, a pathway is reminiscent of the Glagolitic alphabet

Stone symposia scheduled for the months ahead

(April 2011) High times for hammer and chisel

Art: Borderline

(March 2011) Swiss sculptor designs an 8 m fountain in cooperation with 37 colleagues

Art: Strata with faults

(February 2011) Korean-Italian artist constructs fascinating objects in multi-coloured marble

Art: Brushstrokes in stone

(January 2011) Polish artist uses unusual technique in mosaics

Art: Surprise of the century on occasion of the 100th anniversary

(December 2010) Swiss Stone Masons’ and Sculptors’ Trade Association commissioned 100 „resting stones“ on the occasion of it’s centenary

Art: Marketing in works of art

(November 2010) The second „Skulptura“ was recently held in the village of Beckingen, in Germany’s Saarland

Art: Tangiable time

(October 2010) Austrian artist Arnold Reinthaler captures the moment and duration in stone

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