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Art: Marketing in works of art

(November 2010) The second „Skulptura“ was recently held in the village of Beckingen, in Germany’s Saarland

Art: Tangiable time

(October 2010) Austrian artist Arnold Reinthaler captures the moment and duration in stone

Art: Stone monsters combat bad news

(September 2010) A market for stone masons: gargoyles, flying buttresses and cope stones for home and garden

Art: Walk of jewels

(August 2010) A new book describes Portuguese Pavements / Aga Khan Award for Architecture for Gjirokastra in Albania

Art: Stone – the negative and the positive

(August 2010) German artist couple creates a play of light and dark with solid elements

Art: Throw off the bowlines of your mind and cast off

(July 2010) Italian Artist produces surprising objects

Art: Elegant and light-weight

(June 2010) Cynthia Sah and Nicolas Bertoux erect monumental stone sculptures

Art: More than mere facades, tiles or sculptures

(May 2010) US-Artist creates objects reflecting the complete spectrum for decoration and design in natural stone

Art: strictly speaking – impossible

(April 2010) Dutch artist frees rings, convolutions and Möbius bands from the inside of stone

Art: „petroArs“ – crossing boundaries with stone

(March 2010) Russian geologist is dedicated to associations all about minerals

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