Artists’ Portraits

Nilhan Sesalan presents in her works her thoughts together with all associations around them

Abstraction plays a central role, and so it is not easy to understand her works

Ana Maria Negară takes up the ancient symbols of humanity in her sculptures

The Romanian sculptor uses the labyrinth, the spiral, the hexagon and more, showing the questions of meaning, time, transcendence…

Andres Amador and his artwork at the beach: creativity in nature to capture balance and inspiration

The artist uses the sand as a canvas for fun, team building or community experiences

Bulgarian sculptor Rafail Georgiev creates monumental sculptures with a playful element

In his works he deals with the “relationship between man as logos (rationality) and nature as chaos (irrationality)“

Teruki Kamiya’s drystone walls are about the forces of nature and beauty in stone

The Japanese is internationally known as a specialist for such designs

A war is not over when it is over

Through the life of the Iranian artist Bahman Chegeni, Kurd and believer in Yarsan (Zoroastrianism, Zarathustrism), runs the experience of violence and discrimination

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