Artists’ Portraits

Is Barbara Liotta’s art “AirArt”, where stone LandArt is hung on threads?

The US artist creates airy curtains for parks and museums or as décor for the home

Sibylle Pasche brings the viewer of her marble sculptures to intellectual games

With her works, the Swiss artist depicts „the primal symbols of nature and their processes of change”, as she herself says

Peter Crinnion, British sculptor, produces small, mischievous pieces in stone

He studied fine art and soon discovered the precision of stone sculpting as an enrichment

Helaine Blumenfeld: „marble as a means to show our spiritual side“

Works of the American sculptress are on show at Huygens’ Hofwijck in The Netherlands during summer 2019

Stone mosaics for the soul by US artist Nick Gilbert

He names his works „Poetry of Stone“ subtitled „Stone Artistry for the Soul“

Bulgarian sculptress Agnessa Petrova creates monumental stone sculptures

Change is part of the art: from real to abstract, from sculpture to painting, transience between the materials

„She turned to sculpture for professional and emotional fulfillment and a way to define herself apart from her money”

Norton Museum in Florida shows 45 sculptures and drawings of Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney

Hama Lohrmann: stone, wood, clay or plants brought to order by human standards – for a time

The German LandArt sculptor Hama Lohrmann leaves a trail often soon swept away by wind and weather

Hirotoshi Ito aims to show how warm and soft stone can be by conveying joy and happiness

Beholders are meant to laugh and have fun with his works

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