Artists’ Portraits

At Marmomac, stone sculptor Jago was awarded „Master of Stone“ in the tradition of Verona’s Ancient Guild of Stone Arts

He „merges the past and tradition with creativity, inventiveness and modern vision“, according to the jury

Alasdair Thomson: marble textile on a hanger

Scottish artist deceives the beholder with natural stone and other material

Léo Caillard dresses marble sculptures from the Louvre in a digital way in sportswear and flashy sunglasses

Incredible but true: suddenly mythological heroes take on the appearance of the guy next door at the take-out café

Lipstick with granite as a monument for the city of Emmaboda in Sweden

Artist Åsa Jungnelius has dedicated her working sphere to the role of genders and given her current work the title „The Monument“

Sculptor Çıdam Melek views natural stone as „an ancient friend of mankind“ and her artwork as a call to respect nature and creation

The Ankara-born artist showed her work in Turkish marble and travertine at the Izmir Trade Fair

Many of Rosa Brunner’s stone sculptures are riddles for the senses

Sculptor allows the eye to pose a question, which the mind must then answer

Marcel Dijker creates art from driftwood, stone, seashells and steel

A passionate surfer, Dijker finds the components for his works of art stranded on the beaches near his home and abroad

Turkish sculptor Serdar Kaynak has made duality one of his central themes

The artist is particularly interested in the duality of contrast and reciprocal dependence

Elsa: plants and leaves usually carved from dark slate

French sculptor finds her motifs in the Département Var where she lives

Ancient Art of Stone: „Hark the thunder in the stone“

Artists Andreas Kunert and Naomi Zettl hope to reconcile Man and Earth

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