Artists’ Portraits

Anna Korver: femininity in natural stone

New Zealand sculptor debates on the role of women in society

Pippa Unwin: a foible for animals, children and stone

British stone mason illustrated children’s books before turning to sculpting in stone

Sculptor Gedion Nyanhongo has chosen love as the central theme for his artwork

(September 2013) Zimbabwean sculptor sees himself as „Stone sculptor of the 21st century”

Once an artist, always an artist

(July 2013) Spanish sculptor Jose Luis Hinchado knew since he was 9 years old what he would be when he grew up

„Without having to explain what it’s about“

(May 2013) Belgian-born New Zealand-resident Renate Verbrugge merely wants her natural stone works to leave an impression

Art: „Hands can create, destroy, caress“

(March 2013) Slovak artist Veronika Priehodová chose themes revolving around relationships between people as well as around people and their global surroundings

Art: Petrified bottles of ketchup

(February 2013) US-American artist Robin Antar reproduces household objects that look like the real thing

Art: Citizens, to the mosaics!

(January 2013) An underpass in Poland’s city of Krakow was embellished with citizen’s inspiration, craftsmanship and natural stone

Art: Stone Age in Cyberia

(January 2013) Australian artist creates a Lego-block replacement for a chipped rock

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