Artists’ Portraits

Marble butterflies at hand

Italian jewelry designer Sara Devoti combines super-thin natural stone with precious metals

Gerhard Trieb: Cubic landscapes on natural stone surface

Austrian artist Gerhard Trieb cuts grooves in stone and chips away small plateaus

Sharon Nowlan: pebbles capture life in a snap-shot

Canadian artist uses washed-up stone from Nova Scotia’s beaches to compose simple yet expressive pictures

Beatriz Carbonell Ferrer: little stories on every-day life and footprints

Spanish artist addresses every-day questions on family, friends and partnerships in her works

The Clarifier Project: Mosaics made from natural stone and ceramic offal

In Colorado State’s city of Lyons, citizens have given an unsightly concrete block a new and friendly appearance

Anna Korver: femininity in natural stone

New Zealand sculptor debates on the role of women in society

Pippa Unwin: a foible for animals, children and stone

British stone mason illustrated children’s books before turning to sculpting in stone

Sculptor Gedion Nyanhongo has chosen love as the central theme for his artwork

(September 2013) Zimbabwean sculptor sees himself as „Stone sculptor of the 21st century”

Once an artist, always an artist

(July 2013) Spanish sculptor Jose Luis Hinchado knew since he was 9 years old what he would be when he grew up

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