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Sculptors from Japan and around the world may enter work models or photos of models respectively for the 29th Biennale in the city of Ube, Japan 2022

The highest prize money is ¥ 4 million (US-$ 36,000), altogether the awards are nearly ¥ 10 million (US-$ 90,000)

Sculptors and other artists may apply (until July 31, 2021) for residence scholarships of Künstlerhaus Lukas in Ahrenshoop, Northern Germany

Open for artists residing in Germany, in the countries around the Baltic Sea as well as in Norway, Iceland and the UK

Call for entries (until August 31, 2021): exhibition and award for artworks dealing with the impact of technologies on today’s art

International applicants shall present works in which the culture-forming role of modern tools and machines plays a central role

Application open: international Luxembourg Art Prize is meant to promote talented artists who are (still) not known internationally

No limits on age, nationality, or place of residence / Entries from drawing, printing, installation, painting, photography, sculpture, mixed techniques, decorative arts / Entrance fee

Application open until October 01, 2021: 10 to 15 grants for artists from or living in the Arab world, and/or engaged with the Arab world

On average US$5,000 can be used with no restrictions from material and equipment to field research expenses, fees, renting a workspace, printing, etc

10 international and Turkish stone sculptors may apply for the 2nd Neopolis Sculpture Symposium in Kuşadası south of Izmir, to be held in October 2021

Application deadline is July 16 / Royalty of 2400 US-$ and accommodation, food, transportation paid

Swiss Bibliothek Andreas Züst: Call for applications for 3 residencies for Swiss and international cultural workers at the majestic former hotel Alpenhof

Participants shall develop projects that deal with the tradition of libraries as places of knowledge and as fabric of our culture

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