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Design: Butterflies, leaves and snakes

(December 2011) News from Antolini Luigi and his „Natura“ collection

Trade fairs: a look at the branch through Polish eyes

(December 2011) The Polish city of Poznań was once again was host to the Kamień-Stone trade fair in November

Design: „There is new life in marble“

(December 2011) Light and stone are opposites like black and white – how they can go forth and bear fruit was examined in „Luce e Materia“ from which ideas for new products could be born

Design: „Transparent Stone Mosaic“

(November 2011) Marmomacc’s Marble Forum presents new design ideas in stone

Design: Leather and stone wall decor

(November 2011) Italian companies and a designer combine the two materials

Design: Stone houses for the birds and for man’s best friend

(October 2011) The idea of a „Pets Village“ made of travertine and treated to resist fouling comes to us from Italy

9/11 memorial: The absence of victims experienced

(September 2011) The 9/11-memorial lets water fall into dark stone crevices

Design: Tiles from ancient castles

(August 2011) British company bets on unique market position in material and design

Design: Outdoor lovelies (3)

(June 2011) Stone furniture for outdoors: a Swiss bench, a Spanish miniature-golf-course and an Italian bicycle stand

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